Home theatre game-changers

Our new SmartStick getting some love from canoe.ca.

This Sunday, jerseys will be donned, beer will be chilled, nacho trays will be assembled, and the world's football fans will crowd around their living room TVs to take in Super Bowl 47. Admittedly, the focus will be on the epic showdown between the 49ers and the Ravens and not your screen resolution, but the better the tech, the closer you'll feel to the action. Whether it's a whole new TV, a new set of killer speakers, or a boost of Wi-Fi, there's a way to take your home theatre to the big leagues — no matter your budget.

For those without the budget for a whole new flatscreen, it's possible to make your existing TV smarter. SmartStick provides web interface in the form of a USB-key-like dongle that plugs into an HDMI port on your tube. The interface comes preloaded with a built-in web browser and Android apps, giving you easy access to streaming video and audio. The 4 GB version is $49.99 US and the 8GB iteration is $79.99 US at Favientertainment.com.

Read the full article by NATALIA MANZOCCO at technology.canoe.ca.

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