The newly released SmartStick targets efficiency and convenience.

The FAVI SmartStick has been around for a good while now, providing a low cost solution to making your dumb big screen TV smarter. But ever since Google came out with the Chromecast and blew that low cost argument out of the water, FAVI’s attack targeted efficiency and convenience. This is what you get with the FAVI SmartStick Media Center – all the digital video content you want, with choices on how you want to stream them.

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SmartStick unveiled at CES 2016 in Los Vegas.

Introduced at the 2016 CES, Consumer Electronics Show, the new SmartStick Media Center supports full android giving it more streaming apps and channels than any other streaming device.  It unifies search and discovery from over 100 popular streaming sources including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Sling TV.  Shake the remote to activate the air mouse and go from media center to full Android PC mode.

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FAVI Smartstick keyboard controller mentioned in The New York Times review of Sceptre Speaker SoundBar SB301523.

One hitch in the execution is the built-in Android interface, which moves at a glacial pace. Even worse is trying to navigate the web using the included standard remote. Because you have to enter a lot of text when looking for videos or using apps, you really need a keyboard. I tried it with a Favi SmartStick Keyboard Controller, which was a vast improvement, but would add $40 to the cost of the system.

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Smartstick featured on The Charlotte Observer.

Converting your television to a smart TV, one that incorporates an Internet browser and allows Web navigation, is a bigger, bolder way to browse or watch YouTube, Google TV, Hulu, Nickelodeon and other content. FAVI Entertainment’s thumb-size SmartStick converts televisions that are equipped with a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), without need for cable or a set-top box. Use your tablet as a controller / remote after downloading your preferred apps, or purchase FAVI’s SmartStick Keyboard Controller with touchpad, a mini keyboard / touchpad that also has traditional TV controls.

Watch Fox News Tech Talk showcase the Smartstick and Smartstick Keyboard

This really turns your TV into a smart TV. What I like it for is it’s like a USB and you can plug it right in, it’s small and have its own application and streams the media no problem and shares media no problem, have the internet browser as well….This one impresses me for its size and its affordability. Also from the same company is the keyboard controller…it does a great job with connecting to projector screen, television keyboard, and I have to say, for me, what is cool about it is the keys are a little bigger than normal and its backlit so when you’re in the dark you’ll be able to see it still. It gives you quick access to your video collection and all that kind of stuff. It’s great for presentation. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to trying out a little more is its presentation type aspects.

FAVI Smartstick and FAVI Bluetooth Mini Keyboard controller featured on Geek magazine.

With networked Blu-ray players and other set-top options, it’s getting easier to turn your regular TV into a “smart” TV for access to content providers such as Netfilx, Hulu, HBO GO and so on. But perhaps there is no easier way to transplant a brain into your “dumb” set than with the Android-powered Favi SmartStick. It quickly plugs into any free HDMI port and powers on automatically. It comes with an infrared remote, but we tested it with the optional Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad via USB dongle and by using an iPhone running the Google TV app. The SmartStick has built-in Wi-Fi for accessing apps, games and entertainment content, or for a faster connection you can use any USB-based Ethernet adapter. Any USB 2.0 drive or fat 32 Micro SD card can be used to get media to and from the device. Not that you’ll need to, as one of the coolest features on the SmartStick is the PLEX Media Server, which allows you to stream content right off your computer over the network. You have access to all your music, movies and pictures right from your TV. Once it was set up, we found ourselves kicking back on the couch using it to play games from the Android store, read email, surf the Web, watch Netflix and YouTube and stream movies right off an iMac over Wi-Fi.

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SmartStick featured on The Boston Globe.

The award-winning Smartstick turns virtually any high-definition TV into a giant Android tablet.  Download apps for Flixster, Netflix, and Pandora, for instance, and you can stream your movie and music collections while traveling.  Also access your photos, e-mail accounts, and favorite ames, or surf the Web.  Plug the Smartstick into the HDMI port of any HDTV, whether at a friend's house or in a hotel room, get online, and then use the wireless Smartstick Keyboard Controller to easily navigate around the TV screen.  The slim and portable controller has four Android hot keys, a standard keyboard, and a tiny but easy-to-use touchpad. 

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Smartstick featured in The Loop.

Nowadays all smart TV can connect to the web and run apps, but if you have an older TV you’re out of luck. But why shower hundreds of dollar on new TVs when you can get a Google TV set top box or just plug the FAVI SmartStick to your TV HDMI jack? Inside this small shell is a Wi-Fi transmitter, a micro SD card slot and USB jack so you can plug in this wireless keyboard mouse. The whole thing is running off a 1GHz processor. This little gadget is running a well skin version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Smartstick featured in Technology Tell.

It may look like a fat thumb drive, but there’s plenty of Android OS smarts inside for streaming videos in 1080p HD or for accessing websites like Pinterest or FaceBook through a full-featured browser. The 4GB of internal memory can store games and other apps, but you can also wirelessly transfer content from your computer for viewing “on the fly.”

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Smartstick featured at No. 2 of Mashable 10 Tech Accessories Your Dad Will Love.

The SmartStick is "the smallest TV Internet device ever released," instantly turning any HDTV into Smart TV. An HDMI connector is built in, and the power supply comes through a mini-USB port.

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